visual artist

The absent archive is an ongoing project inspired by some discarded and reclaimed photographs, slides and documents.  The project involves research, analysis, and as time progresses, an opportunity to make work in response to the archive, reimagining a life filled with stories of love, loss and unshared memories.  

works The absent archive

The Absent installation uses the ‘frames’ of a vast archive of muddled slides,  that have been catalogued into numeric hangings, connected with thread and intermitent projections of life. They bring the past into the future and provide a new view of historic documentation giving triggers to a previous time, lost information about places visited, holidays, monuments, landscapes and architecture. From the chaos of the archive comes order and a time to think about what the archive reveals. The unsaid, the unseen, the unshared memories of a life once lived.

Lost and Found is a stream of unconsciousness, drawing with words and voice.  The ebb and flow of letters sent, forward and back, read, replied, reread, held, imagined.  Conversations that overlap, get misunderstood, get lost, get re-found.


Lost & Found is a view into an obsessive, ritualistic & private world.  A voyeuristic story of hope and longing, the piece considers the challenges of change. Through cataloguing, analysing, and removing it reveals a time to think about a love once had.  Voice, paper and typed text.



Lady in Red: Hidden within the archive amoungst the many views, was a lady, silent, with no voice of her own waiting to tell her story.  A series of 5 booklets, tells the story of the Lady in Red - Found photos, found ephemera, red thread and words.  


                                                     Weep, I will weep

                                                      Our little secret

                                                           I will keep.

Presumptuous views: Without light, slide transparencies show little - we are searching in the darkness for something.  Without actually being the person, we can never actually know what someone is thinking or feeling inside.  We presume and we judge but we are ignorant to the truth.


Modern Marriage: Is a series of screenprints that explore the dilemmas of embarking into a sexual relationship and the use of 'marriage manuals' in the 1930s and 1940s.  The archive reveals that reading these manuals was a precursor to marriage, primarily written by men with religious undertones and concerns over whether it was appropriate to be read by the woman.