Collecting and disrupting found objects & words to visualise untold reimagined stories

These works have been inspired by changes, reflecting on the moments in the journey of life, when unexpected disruptions occur.  

gallery: fractures

142 - Green velvet ribbon and green thread.

Created with simple rules & materials, the objects highlight how small changes can cause imbalance and confusion. Trying to control and perfect a simple form, with varying success, 142 is made using lengths of thread that are the length of my hug.  Tactile objects that when grouped in various ways, need to be held, nurtured and contemplated.

paper people triplicate web

Transitions - People paper chains, red thread & glass dome jar.

Appropriated from the found book, Our mutual friend, this work seeks to explore our connections with both people and space, considering our external and actual personas.

In control - appropriated text, poetry, printed textiles, glass jar and shelf.

A portrait of the complexities of everyday life and how people choose to tell or hide their story.